HM Studio

A professional voice over and dubbing service provider.

A team of sound wave craftsman.

Native. Passionate. Experienced.

We are a team of exprienced and helpful voice over talents, audiovisual engineers, subtitle expers and linguists in East Asia.

Helping audiovisual creators to localize multimedia content for target audience in East Asia.

HM Studio provides voice over, dubbing, subtitling and translation services for multimedia content of all kinds, we can help you localize your commercial, e-Learning, TV series, animation, marketing and games content into Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more east Asian languages.

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Fuxing Innovation Park E7,
Zibo, Shandong,

CHINA 255000

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Our Services

Voice Over

Native voice over talents in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, with more than 20 years of experience and flexible pricing scheme.


Transcribing, translating, adding and editing subtitles with multiple applications and formats.


Professional broadcasting level voice actors, directors and post editors to offer uncompromising high quality dubbing service.


Cost-effective audio and video editing, post-processing and mixing services to close your multimedia localization work in no delay.


Proper script translation and adaption to meet your expectations, guaranteed by our seasoned and native linguists.


Various styles of singers to add more local elements for your animation, TV and other media works.


Learning.Games.Audio Guide.Animation.

We work with the top multimedia content creators for the audience

all around the world.